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May 27, 2013

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States rights VS. Federalism is most certainly not a new conflict. Most people think the civil war was about slavery. It is true, slavery was a prominent issue, but it wasn’t the cause of the war.

Today just as much as then, the concept of states rights is as strongly supported as it is opposed.

I support states rights, but like most who do, I don’t see division of the nation as an objective. It’s my way of thinking, that strong and self sufficient states, united by freedom, is the perfect recipe for a strong nation.

I wont deny, I don’t like the way people do things in other states. At least for most of my friends and family, it is a long standing tradition to speak in jest about California and New York. On average, the people in these 2 states, as well as a few others, are about as different from, the average in Montana, as you can get.

The thing a lot of people don’t understand, is that just because I don’t like what other folks do, doesn’t mean I wont stand shoulder to shoulder with them to protect their right to do things their way. I only have a problem when others try to impose their opinions and beliefs on me and mine.

The idea that we have to be the same to be a nation, is not an American ideal. Nothing brings people together like freedom. I don’t care what anybody else has to say, this is why we are the greatest nation in the entire history of the world.

It is our differences that gave us our advantage. When we were at war with Nazi Germany, we relied on the knowledge and know-how of the different people who lived in the different climates of our own country.

You can look it up. During the 2nd world war, the first special service forces were trained right here in my own back yard. Fort William Henry Harrison, in Helena Montana. You see, Montana is mountainous, cold, and covered in pine forest. It was the perfect place to train for the high altitude alpine forests of western Europe.

I cannot state a specific example, but I know we relied on our countrymen from the arid parts of the south west when we prepared for our engagements in northern Africa.

We put steel from the northern mid west into our tanks. We put copper from the 27 mines in Butte Montana into our bullets. We used the native language of the Navaho to develop an unbreakable code to protect our communications.

I have been called a radical for encouraging my fellow citizens to take the extra time to read labels, and look for products manufactured in their local community. Well this is what I have to say to that. California is bankrupt and Montana has a balanced budget. Tell me what their options would be if we were all that irresponsible?

Montana doesn’t have a very significant population, but we know, we are going to contribute what we can to help out. If there were actually any way, the average individual Montanan could know, our fellow Americans have learned from their mistakes and would make an effort to make sure it doesn’t happen again, you could be sure we would be writing personal checks to the state government of the State of California, no strings attached, but that certainty isn’t the case, so we will be taxed, and we will pay our taxes.

Now tell me again why every citizen of Montana should not make every effort to make Montana’s economy stronger.

When I twist my ankle playing backyard football, I don’t reach for a buddy who’s just as hurt, or worse. I reach for a buddy who has the strength to help me walk to where I need to go, until I can get back on my feet.

This is by far my shortest article, and it’s the first in a good while. I’m doing my best to carry on for The Montana Conservative Dot Com, but I am only one man, and I have my obligations.

The message I wish to convey this time is very simple, but so much more important than maybe most of the others. Ours is a nation of states. The stronger the states, the stronger the nation.

I am asking all of my fellow Montanans, and any of my fellow countrymen who may read this, think about the money you spend. Take the time to read labels. It may be a bit more expensive, but try to buy local first. If you can find a product manufactured in your home community, buy it. If not, look for one made in your state. If still not, look for made in the USA.

If we all grow stronger on our own, we will grow stronger together. God Bless America.

Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

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