A Christmas Miracle.

December 21, 2013
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This is the 8th December I’ve been in business for myself.  Every year I expect financial shortfall.  Somebody always shorts me, or doesn’t pay anything at all.

The first week of this November I reduced the monthly rental charge on all of my units, to try and make things easier.  Folks are having a hard time as it is, and it just seemed like a worthwhile effort.

Unfortunately, in spite of my preemptive efforts, this December is the worst ever.  So far, I have only received $150 out of the $2,551 I’m owed, just for the month of December.  I had to borrow $865 from my father, just to cover my basic operating expenses.

My wife’s income has been just enough to cover some of our household bills, but not all, and also our basic living expenses.  By all indications, Santa wasn’t going to make it this year.

Then we received our Christmas Miracle.

I have absolutely no idea who they were.  A gentleman about 50, and his son, who looked about 14, showed up in a very nice, very expensive looking truck.  They caught my wife in the drive way on her way to use the last few dollars from our coin jar to buy a pack of cigarettes.

All they did was confirm our address, and then handed her two $100 prepaid visa gift cards.  Whoever these two people were, they saved our Christmas.

I have worked very hard every year to make sure my girls believe in Santa.  My eldest will be 11 in February, and she still believes.  I wasn’t looking forward to watching her heart break Christmas morning, and now that isn’t going to happen.

Oh but there’s more.

A few hours later my wife was on Face Book and she told me it’s going around that somebody went in and paid off all of the layaways at Kmart.  My wife’s exact words were “Santa is in Helena this year.”

This brings me to the political part of this article.

In spite of the millions of Americans who have learned to depend on the government, the millions of Americans who have learned to expect something and to give nothing, the United States is still the most generous nation in the world.

Even though the American people have very little control over their lawmakers, especially at the federal level, we are still mostly a kind and giving people.

It’s no coincidence, and it certainly isn’t a failure of any kind that this so called recovery from the recent recession is really just a bad joke.  Times are still very hard for a whole lot of people, and I honestly believe, contrary to the rhetoric, the powers that be want it this way.

In simplest terms, a desperate individual is far easier to coerce and manipulate, than an individual who is doing just fine on their own.

In addition, the socialist agenda in the United States has a particular problem it doesn’t necessarily have in other parts of the world.  We have a unique reason to think in a unique way.

In the old world, people have been subjugated and re-subjugated by kings, governments, and religions for thousands of years.  Some of the cities are so old, of the people who live there very few if any, really even know just how many different ideas were shoved down their ancestors throats.

A couple years ago, I had an opportunity to visit with an exchange student from Estonia.  For those who don’t know, Estonia is very small country on the western boarder of Russia, and use to be part of the Soviet Union.

This young lady was fascinated with how active and happy, but also how well behaved my children are.  This lead to a conversation about religion, and she also expressed her fascination with the dedication to religion and morality she has observed, here in Montana especially.

She told me that in her home country, they do have religion, but they have had religions and governments forced on them, one after the other for so long, it isn’t important to them like it is to us.  They don’t carry it like we do.

I think I know why that is.

In the colonial days the various monarchies established colonies, and built cities under their rule, but when we took our independence and established the first free government, we had a vast, virgin land to establish our place, entirely anew.

We weren’t pressing a new idea on the people of an old country.  We were people of old countries building a new people with a new idea.

Although the vast territories in the west were claimed by various powers, those powers weren’t actually here.  When our mountain men blazed trails into Montana, that settlers later followed, the only people here were the Native Americans.  They didn’t build cities and establish governments like we understand them today.

In my opinion, the Native Americans lived about the freest way a human being can, while still living with other human beings.

Most of the land that is now the United States, has never known the absence of freedom.  That gets into your blood very quickly.

For families like my own, which have been here for generations, freedom has become instinct.

One thing about freedom that just happens to show its self a little bit more this time of year, it’s a lot easier, in fact it means something entirely different to give, when you have a choice.  The forces at work that want to take that choice away, don’t have many other options, but to pull some pretty shady tricks, and even so, they have one heck of a fight on their hands.

I’d like everybody to keep that in mind, and to have a very Merry Christmas.


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

Helena, Montana

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