Trojan Horse (J. Marks)

March 29, 2013
Detail from The Procession of the Trojan Horse...

Detail from The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Socialist America’s Trojan Horse:  National Health Care.  Here’s the offer The State of Montana is on the verge of rejecting.

Is this an offer too good to refuse?

1) $6.7 billion in federal money, matched by relatively small state tax money

2)  Initially, 13,000 health care jobs, bought and paid for by the Democratic Party

3)  Initially, 70,000 more state beneficiaries, currently under or uninsured.  Significant component of the Democratic power base.

4)  Federal administration of health care.

It all boils down to jobs and power under the control of the Democratic Party.  Once Obamacare has been successfully implemented, the fifty states will be controlled by the Democratic National Committee, and state and local Democratic organizations. No wonder the Democratic Party is eager to help what it considers “the underprivileged.”  In every nation, National Health Care has been the platform that introduced or advanced the left wing agenda.

National Affordable Health Care is the Trojan Horse the left wing is using to take over America.   What is more, it is working. Should Obamacare be fully implemented in Montana, it is unlikely that the Montana GOP will win another election for the next ten years.

(2013 John Marks, Special to The Montana Conservative)

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