Conservative Exodus and Regrouping.

March 30, 2013
Flag of Helena, Montana

Flag of Helena, Montana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The City of Helena Montana has long been, in my opinion, a focal point of liberal subversion in Montana. I have lived and grown with the city for all 26 years of my life. I’ve witnessed first hand, the slow, but steady change of the personalities and attitudes of my fellow citizens. When I was just a youngster I found myself competing with teenagers for lawns to mow for spending money, but the last year I lived in my old neighborhood, I spent countless nights watching for teenagers to come around making trouble.

Although I’ve never been one to just give up and run away, after 2010 I felt that was the only thing I could do. That last year we lived in the city limits was intolerable.

In the summer of that year my wife witnessed an elderly man, a friend of ours, receive a pretty severe beating from three teenage boys, in the parking lot across the street from our house, in broad daylight. Although there may never be any real proof that this social decay was deliberately engineered, it was made very clear that there would be no efforts to reverse it, when the old man told us, one of the officers that responded made it very clear, he was lucky he didn’t attempt to defend himself. He would have been charged with assault on a minor.

However, it wasn’t until October of 2010, when the Helena school board passed a new health enhancement curriculum, that my wife and I finally decided we didn’t have a choice. As responsible parents we had to take action. Although parents were given the choice to op-out, we know full well, having been children once ourselves, if you tell one seven year old anything related to human reproduction, every other seven year old in the school is going to hear about it. The only way we could preserve our right to control this very culturally significant part of our child’s education, and in our minds, to protect her innocence, we had to take our daughter away from her school and her friends.

In April of 2011, my wife and I joined a number of people we know, and abandoned the city limits, for the slightly less restrictive way of life in the county. This transition was also particularly difficult for me, as I personally had to choose to abandon the home and neighborhood I had lived in since I was only four years old, but the best interests of my wife and children, outweighed my personal emotional investment. Among other things I felt like a coward, for leaving when I could have stayed to fight, but I am now pleased to report, that I no longer feel that way.

The results of the 2012 election, and the research I did after, gave me confidence that I had made the right decision. Although I thought I was running away, I found out I was actually stuck behind enemy lines, and all I really did was move back to the front, where I now stand with my fellow conservatives. I take the election results of the state house district I now live in, HD82, as evidence of this.

The candidate I aggressively supported this year, Sam Hunthausen, came closer to taking this district than any Republican has since the districts were last redrawn (effective 2004). According to the Montana Secretary of State website, in the 2012 election Sam Hunthausen (R) lost to Jennifer Eck (D) by a vote of 2,789 to 2,365, or just 8.23%. The next closest was the 2010 election where Kristi Allen-Gailushas (R) lost to Mike Menahan (D) by a vote of 2,312 to 1,578, or 18.87%.

2008 Chris Sinrud (R) lost to Mike Menahan (D) by 28.85%, 3,115 to 1720.

2006 Aaron Tuff (R) lost to Hal Jacobson (D) by 41.47%, 2,980 to 1233.

2004 Jim McCormick (R) lost to Hal Jacobson by 23.33% 2,913 to 1,811.

I acknowledge these numbers can be taken as an indication of many things. I only partially attribute these results to a spontaneous conservative exodus from the Helena city limits, because I am a part of it. I didn’t plan to unite with like minded citizens when I moved. As a man of faith I choose to believe it was divine providence that lead me. I have found strength and encouragement I didn’t expect.

I have seen reports of conservatives moving to red states, but my story goes beyond the obvious. I know I am not alone. Conservatives are gathering at local levels as well, by little more than instinct. We are moving to the nearest, freest places we can find, and our strength is consolidating.

It didn’t feel right when I abandoned my home, but I am now confident is was intended.

My fellow conservatives, we can and will win this thing. If you have the urge to relocate, and have an idea of where to go, I suggest to you, this may be a time you should trust your instincts.

It is a better tactic to abandon a city, if you have a better chance of retaking your whole country by regrouping.

Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

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