Former Governor Brian Schweitzer suggested as possible replacement for Senator Max Baucus.

April 23, 2013

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That’s right folks. It looks like Senator Baucus is going to spare the voters of Montana, the trouble of showing him the door in 2014, but now is not the time to get too excited.

I only just heard about this today, but from what I’ve read so far, it looks the Democratic party, already has someone in mind to replace him. The articles I read in USA Today, and the LA Times, both name former Governor Brian Schweitzer as a likely possibility. That means we have some work to do.

I’m taking my own advice. As our most recent former Governor, Governor Schweitzer’s activities should still be fresh in peoples minds, and of course the public records are available. I’ve already started browsing through the records of the 2011 Montana legislative session. I’m looking at the bills he signed into law, and the ones he vetoed. I would encourage every concerned conservative to do the same.

When you’re looking at a past session, both websites will give you the same thing. When you get to either site, click the “Bills” link, then click “Past LAWS.” That will give you a list of legislative sessions all the way back to the 1999 special session. If we are looking into the former Governor, I find it’s easier to browse through the list of subjects until I find something of interest. I’m a landlord so “Landlord and Tenant” was were I started. Only 1 bill under this subject made it to the Governors desk in 2011, so I’ve already moved on, but it’s pretty self explanatory once you get this far. If a bill was vetoed by the Governor it’s status will be listed as “Died in Process”, if it died in one of the houses the status will be listed as “Died in Standing Committee”, and if it was signed into law it’s status will be listed as “Chapter Number Assigned.”

Even if the former Governor doesn’t decide to run, it’s still a good idea to be familiar with the websites. It’s pretty much a given, that whoever does run, will have legislative experience. Once the announcement is made, it’s just a matter of going back and looking to see how that person voted, then spread the word.

This a real opportunity we have here folks, but it’s going to take some hard work. I understand Senator Baucus is currently serving his 6th term, that’s more than 30 years. If we can take this seat in 2014, it wont just be a victory for the conservative cause, it will be an historic event. I think it’s pretty obvious the Democrats aren’t wasting any time, and we shouldn’t either.

Right now, it’s really anybody’s guess who the GOP candidate for the seat will be. I’ve heard a number of names mentioned so far, but nothing with anything close to the tone of likelihood, that I’m getting from the talk about the former Governor. In my mind, that doesn’t even really matter that much. The election is going to come down to the same thing they always do. It’s going to be a battle of ideologies, fought with money and propaganda. In the end it’s going to come down to who believes what, and why they believe it. If I have my way, at least a fair portion of the voters, will make their decisions based on verifiable facts, that they found for themselves. I don’t care how much money a candidate throws at a campaign. They can put all the spin they want, on any issue they want, but they can’t change the text of the bills they voted for and against, or vetoed and signed into law, whichever the case may be.

We the people still have the power, at least for now, and we still have access to the information we should be using, to make sure the power we give, is well entrusted. I couldn’t ask my fellow citizens for anything more important, and that’s exactly what I’m asking for now.

Although some might see us conservatives as being at a disadvantage, because we don’t yet know who will represent us in the fight for this seat, and the opposition may already be hard at work preparing to support their candidate, I see it the other way around. If the former Governor is the candidate we will be opposing, we have the advantage.

Right now the Democratic party has to focus on a list of potential GOP candidates to get ready for the usual smear campaign, but we already have a likely candidate to focus on. Granted the purpose will eventually be to draw a contrast between our candidate and theirs, which will require knowing who our candidate is, but knowing what we don’t like about their candidate, will be the first step anyway.

Unlike a lot of the competitions we‘ve had in the last few elections, this isn‘t a fight to hold our ground, this is an opportunity to take ground. We don’t have anything to lose by getting started right now.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see a potential weakness in the oppositions front line. I’m not going to give them time to reinforce the line, I’m going to hit it with everything I’ve got.

Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

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