Montana 2012 Results (Posted Mar. 27, 2013)

March 27, 2013

Here are the results of the four big Nov. 2012
Montana contests and five ballot initiatives.

(Highly recommended for  understanding MT politics today.)

President (483,900 votes cast)
Obama (D) — 201,836 (41.4%)
Romney (R) — 267,925 (54.9%)
Johnson (Lib) — 14,165 (2.91%)
US Senate (486,066 votes cast)
Testor (D) — 236,122 (48.5%)
Rehberg (R) — 218,049 (44.8%)
Cox (Lib) — 31,891 (6.55%)
US House (479,740 votes cast)
Daines (R) — 255,465 (53.19%)
Kim Gillan (D) — 204,938 (42.6%)
Kaiser (L) — 19,338 (4.03%)
MT Governor (483,489 votes cast)
Bullock (D) — 236,450 (48.5%)
Hill (R) — 228,879 (47.29%)
Libertarian — 19,338 (4.03)

Ballot Initiatives:

Parent permission for minors aborting? (Yes 70/30)
Do Illegal Aliens Qualify for Welfare (No 80/20)
Prohibit Mandatory Medical Insurance (Passed 70/30)
Reform Existing Marijuana Legalization (Yes 57/42)
Corporations not entitled to rights (Passed 75/25)D

For the GOP, one of the big stories is the margin of defeat for Senate challenger Rehberg may be  found in the 31,000 Libertarian votes, achieved partly by huge ($50,000+ reported in The Ravelli Republic)  Democratic donations funneled to the Libertarian campaign in the form of glossy four-color  mailings supporting candidate Cox.  This is seen as a clever siphoning technique. When the GOP State Chairman was questioned as to whether or not this is the kind of politics Montanans want for their state, the Chairman replied, “Politics is a blood sport.”   The Montana Republican Party, assembled,  could  be mistaken for a social event at a private country club.

On the Democratic side, the retention of the Governor’s Mansion by the Democrats has been partly attributed to clever political posturing by popular and outgoing Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who skillfully impressed upon the public the image of a rugged individualist while working behind the scenes for committed gun control advocate, Barack Obama.  Montana voters fell right into line, retaining a Democrat in  the Governor’s column, but failed to be convinced in the President’s race, voting Republican by a comfortable margin. Voters showed deep support for the GOP in contests such as Secretary of State and Attorney General.

In spite of losing nearly every elected position on the ballot except one, the US Presidency,  Montana Democrats give every impression they will use Washington influence to completely turn the electoral balance in their favor by 2016.  Democrats tried and failed to flood the state with illegal immigrants.  Federal aid to social and educational programs, big vote getters for the Democrats, show  steep rises since 2008.  Democrats working to turn Montana into a Big Government State find themselves confronting a streak of individualism that just will not go away.

(John Marks, March 27, 2013. Special to The Montana Conservative)

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