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November 9, 2013
Seal of the RNC

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Before the 2012 election I had never heard of a county central committee.  I certainly didn’t know that every county has one, they usually meet once a month on a regular schedule, and that these meetings are open to the public.

Shortly after the election, one of the candidates I campaigned for, told me about these meetings.

I have to admit, it’s been some months since I’ve gone to a meeting, but if you’re tired of the way things are going, this is the place to be.

I understand the primary purpose of these committees is to elect Republicans, but a huge part of that, is in many ways, establishing what a Republican is.

The last meeting I went to was particularly, well I guess I’ll use the word exciting, to be polite, but I’ll get to that here shortly.  Before I do, I want to say a little bit about the structure, for those of you who may have never even heard of a county central committee.

As I said before, these meetings are open to the public, and members of the public are given the opportunity to comment, on just about everything, but only committee members get to vote.

Now most of us who vote know that every county has several precincts.  Two committee positions are available for each precinct, one lady and one gentleman.  I’ve heard these folks referred to as precinct captains, precinct persons, and committee persons, but I believe the proper term is precinct captain.

These precinct captains are elected by the committee members.  If the position for your gender is vacant for your precinct, you can submit yourself for consideration at most any meeting, I think.  I saw it happen several times, but if said position is filled, you can challenge for it, but I believe you have to wait until the county committee elections, which I believe occur in May.

Then of course there’s the hierarchy, county chair person, treasurer, etcetera.  These are also elected by the committee.

With that said, this is what found very interesting at the last meeting I went to.  It was basically, from what I could see and understand, a conservative uprising of sorts.  As a member of the public, I was just an observer, but it was very interesting.

This wasn’t my first meeting, so I had already gotten a fair idea of the political ideologies of a fair number of the committee members.

At this meeting, we had folks I would refer to as center right, and far right, and even some folks from The Tea Party on one side.  On the other it was mostly establishment Republicans, and even few that seemed so far left of center, they were accused of making Obama look conservative.

I didn’t get to see how the meeting finally ended.  The committee went into executive session, and I had to step out.  Executive sessions are not open to the public.  I didn’t wait around, I just went home.

Honestly, I was disgusted by the infighting, but I mulled it over in my head a while and I’ve talked to a lot of people since.  I am presently encouraged.

I think that last meeting I went to was all the way back in February, but its relevant now, because this sort of thing is still going on.  The Republican Party is having an identity crisis of sorts, and now is a very good time to contribute to that identity.

If you are one who does not believe that either the Republican or the Democratic Party is anywhere even close to representing who you are, now is a good time to bring your personality and your ideals to the Republican Party.

I think we all agree that we need to do something, if we do nothing the stars on Old Glory, are going to be replaced with a hammer and a sickle, but we don’t have to fight on two fronts.

We have to fight the Democrat led socialists, by consolidating the conservative vote, and we can put the Republican Party back on course, by being the Republican Party.

Don’t just give some thought folks, give it a try.  These meetings are usually announced in advance in a local News Paper.


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

Helena, Montana


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