If you have school age children, or grandchildren, I strongly encourage you to look this one up!

August 26, 2013

As promised I’m putting in the time and effort, examining the voting records of potential candidates, to help paint a clearer picture of the 2014 U.S. Senate race.

Just this morning, I was looking at education related bills when I came across 2013 House Bill 239.  This bill made it through both houses and was vetoed by Governor Bullock.

This bill would have reinforced our rights as parents in relation to a very culturally significant educational topic, human sexuality.  This bill did not establish, or prohibit any curriculum.

It simply would have required schools to provide parents with advanced notice before engaging in related instruction.

Looking at the votes for and against, and browsing the names I’m familiar with, it appeared to be another mostly party line vote.

I read through the entire text of the bill, and the Governor’s veto.

I found the Governor’s reference to Article X subsections 8 & 9 (3) of our state’s constitution very interesting.  I have read our state’s constitution on many occasions, but I revisited this article anyway.

The referenced sections of our state’s constitution are pretty short, so I’ll share them in entirety.

Article X Section 8.  School District Trustees. The supervision and control of schools in each school district shall be vested in a board of trustees to be elected as provided by law.

Article X Section 9 subsection (3). (a) There is a board of public education to exercise general supervision over the public school system and such other public educational institutions as may be assigned by law.  Other duties of the board shall be provided by law.  (b) The board consists of seven members appointed by the governor, and confirmed by the senate, to overlapping terms as provided by law. The governor, commissioner of higher education and state superintendent of public instruction shall be ex officio non-voting members of the board.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything that either allows for, or prohibits the sort of preemptive protection 2013 House Bill 239 would have established, but I do have an opinion as to why this bill was vetoed.

It is far easier to subvert a population through its children, if the parents don’t know what’s going on.

I won’t say that Governor Bullock expressly approves of the ongoing efforts to indoctrinate our youth, but I most certainly won’t ignore the possibility.

If I were to give the benefit of a doubt, I would suggest this was nothing more than political maneuvering, but another piece of the text of this veto, raises more questions.

And I quote.  “Further, the bill reflects an unfounded mistrust of local school board trustees, as well as the professional educators who serve the students in our public schools.”

I have no doubt whatsoever, that this very bill was a direct result of the health enhancement controversy, that went down right here in my home town of Helena, back in 2010.

I have felt wronged by the actions of the various pieces of our government on many occasions, but I cannot think of one instance, before or since, where I felt betrayed on such a very personal level.

I don’t know where Bullock was at the time, but I know where I was, and I remember very well what happened.

The school board tried to ram through a new curriculum that directly undermined a families ability to control this very culturally significant part of their children’s education.

I realize that many different people have different opinions about this subject.  Some folks don’t think it’s a big deal, but most do.

In addition to countless family traditions, there are religious implications that should have been considered, and I don’t just mean Christianity.  I have never heard of a major religion that doesn’t have something to say about this subject.

Such things would have been considered if this idea had actually originated here in Helena, but it didn’t.  I watched the Fox News interview with Bruce Messinger, our superintendent at the time.  For those of you who missed it, the only term I can think of to describe his demeanor during the interview, is sheepish, very sheepish.  I don’t remember his exact words, but when he was asked where this idea came from, he choked out a less than clear statement, about coordinating with folks on a national level.

Now I’m not supposed to get into conspiracy theories, so I did some more research, and I have a couple facts to convey, along with an opinion.

First of all, Bruce Messinger didn’t stick around for very long after this mess.  In fact he moved on to a nice cozy $215,000 annual salary as superintendent, in the now well known, liberal progressive haven of Boulder Colorado.

And second, where was the national attention to my community’s reaction to this puppet show?  I didn’t see any interviews on any of the major networks, with any of the families that pulled their children out of public school, immediately following this travesty.

It’s my opinion that my community wasn’t even given the consideration afforded to lab rats.  If they were testing the water, there would have been some follow-up.

I think we were just plain used to establish a precedent.  Now that this threshold has been crossed, I expect this sort of thing will go over a lot more quietly in communities all over the country.

So the question now, is what do we do about it?

I would suggest writing to Governor Bullock, and reminding him of this precedence of School Board treachery, but I wouldn’t stop there.  I would like to see this situation drug back into public view.  Perhaps attempt to encourage some of the conservative legislators who supported this bill to make some statements about it.  I think we should also start pestering the folks we expect are likely to run for election, or re-election next year.

One way or another, the people of Montana need to make it very clear, to both the state and federal governments, we don’t take kindly to folks who mess with our kids!


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.



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