Walsh gets a head start U.S. Senate

February 16, 2014
Democrats Come Alive!

Democrats Come Alive! (Photo credit: Truthout.org)

Baucus going to China, and the appointment of John Walsh (D) to fill his seat in the U.S. Senate, proves the Democrats in Montana are worried.

There are no coincidences in politics, just dirty tricks meant to look like coincidences.  That’s exactly what we have here.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on both congressional races here in Montana, as well as in our neighboring states.  Shady tactics are nothing new in politics, but this competition between Walsh and Congressman Daines is already looking a little ugly, at least on the Democrat side.

I’m not the only one reading between the lines here, but this is my interpretation.

The Democrats know the voters of Montana are not happy.  They continue to preach about Republican obstruction in Washington, but they know Montanans have been paying attention.  We haven’t forgotten what happened after the voters gave power back to the Democrats in 2008.  We haven’t forgotten which Party has almost entirely rejected any input from the other side ever since.

If I might quote another article I wrote on this subject, “We have a system of representative government because there is no one right way to do anything.”  Even if one side, the other, or both doesn’t get what they want, both sides need to be heard.  This is how we live with diversity.  Right now both sides aren’t being heard, and frustration is growing in communities.  Citizens are unsettled and losing patients.

So why Walsh?  Well my first impression is that the Democrats are looking for the veteran vote.  Although, to my knowledge, Congressman Daines didn’t serve in our armed forces, I can personally vouch for his dedication to Montana’s veterans.  I’ve lost count of how many letters I’ve written to both state and federal lawmakers in the past few years, but I can tell you exactly how many I wrote to Congressman Daines.  I only wrote 2 letters to Congressman Daines, ever, and both were about our veterans.  However, this was the first time I wrote to a federal lawmaker and actually got more than just a form letter response.  I actually got a personal phone call from one of the Congressman’s aids.  The gentleman I spoke to, gave me the opportunity to thoroughly elaborate on my point of view, and he also took the time to speak in detail about other things the Congressman was working on in regard to our veterans.  He told me about problems I didn’t even know existed, and he told me what the Congressman was trying to do about it.

The only chance the Democrats have of winning the veteran vote in Montana is if they can draw attention away from Congressman Daines’s actual efforts.

John Walsh was a Brigadier General, and led men in Iraq.  I still have a lot of respect for the internal promotion process of the United States Army.  I find it highly unlikely Walsh made it to that position without being qualified.  I guess it’s possible, but unlikely.

Montana’s veterans aren’t going to ignore Walsh’s service record, for some that’ll be all they need, but not most.  Montana’s veterans are neither blind nor stupid.  In fact our veterans have felt the sting of the Democrats, all or nothing strategy, a lot more than most.

Walsh is very much a party politician, and a team player.  You don’t get this kind of orchestrated maneuvering if you plan on breaking ranks to do what’s right.  The Democrats are going to continue to refuse to accept any input from Republicans, and they’re going to continue to blame Republicans for the lack of compromise, that directly impacts our veterans.

The Democrats know they’re in hot water with the voters, so they turn an old warhorse into a show pony to try and bamboozle veterans, but they know that will only get them so far.  The fact is, the only real chance they have at winning this race, is to burry Montana in out of state liberal money, and they aren’t wasting any time.

Walsh was sworn in as a United States Senator on February 11th.  On February 12th U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D) NY put out a newsletter asking for donations.

So that’s what we’re up against folks.  It won’t be long now before the campaign postcards start flooding our mail boxes, yard signs and bumper stickers start distracting drivers, and radio and TV advertisements start spewing bile.  Of course the disclaimers won’t read, “brought to you in large part, by generous contributions from the liberal elite, who have neither ever even been to Montana, nor could care less about the wellbeing of the citizens of Montana.”

This is just about as dirty as politics can get and still be legal.  The citizens of Montana deserve better, but all I can do is spread the word, and encourage others to do the same.


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

Helena, Montana

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