Wedge Issues (by J. Marks)

April 1, 2013


Lenin in front of Smolny.

Lenin in front of Smolny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somewhere in the Holy Bible it talks about the hearts of the sons being turned against the hearts of the fathers. It is an accurate representation of the strategy the left wing uses to unravel the moral core of the nation as part of the agenda to achieve the socialist, then the communist state.
One of these days, according to the leftist plan, those big hearted Democrats who, with our tax money, so generously lavish pay and benefits on their followers, will assume control of the new Soviet American State, in exactly the way Lenin, Marx, and Engels prescribed. At that point, the public will all assemble to receive their share of the national wealth. The only problem is, this has been tried before, never with any success. As an economic system, the ability of the Communist system to provide anything resembling a uniformly high standard of living for all has been roundly discredited. But then, how else could it have come by the reputation as “The Big Lie.”

It is the political and revolutionary leaders themselves who have in mind taking over the nation’s wealth. The citizens, if they are lucky enough to survive, become slaves, with their only hope being to bow down and cater to The Party, and become Party functionaries.

The gay issue is currently being used as a wedge issue to turn the hearts of the youth against the elders. Homosexuality, you see, is just another example, the left would have us believe, of how mean and evil our forefathers, our Holy Bible, and our prior teachers have been. The leftist strategy is to tear down the old order, then rebuild it in their own image. The Christian religion has no place in the Communist State.

Dr. Carson suggested what was coming down the road with this “new normal.” He was roundly censured by the press. The thing is, Dr. Carson was dead right on with his comments, and he knows it. So do many other Americans who are wondering where this masquerade will finally end up.

(John Marks, Special to The Montana Conservative, 2013)

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