We’re expected to trust them. Should they be expected to trust us?

April 10, 2013

English: Montana State Capitol

A few days ago I came across an article in the Helena Independent Record. Presently I don’t have any other resource to verify the content of this article, and as you will find is always the case, I’m skeptical of anything I read in this particular news paper. So I’m going to limit this article to my basic understanding of what happened, and my opinion of why I think it happened.

From what I understand, the Democrats in the Montana legislature don’t want 2 specific referendums to make it onto the ballot in 2014. Senate Bills 405 & 408, both of which seek to make changes to Montana’s voting laws.

The content of these bills is irrelevant to my opinion of this situation, so I wont be going into detail on either of them, but I will always encourage my fellow citizens to look into any piece of legislation I mention. The web address to do so, in this case, is http://leg.mt.gov/css/senate

I’m only interested in the tactics, and what I think are the underlying motivations, of the partisan showdown, that occurred this past Friday.

From what I read, word got to Senate Republicans, that the Senate Democrats, intended to prevent these 2 pieces of legislation from going anywhere at all, by delaying a vote until a procedural deadline passed.

I’ve never really had much of an interest in legislative procedure, but in this case I found myself learning a few things I didn’t know.

I guess if any Senator makes a motion for a Call of the Senate, nobody can vote on anything, except to adjourn, until all 50 Senators are present.

I understand at first all 50 were present, and then the Democrats asked for a recess and had themselves a meeting. At some point one them left. When those that were still there came back, the chairman, knowing what the Democrats intended to do, refused to let any of them speak. All of the Republicans went ahead and voted to pass the bills, while the Democrats stood there and pounded on their desks. Of course all the Senate Democrats refused to vote, and they were all marked as absent.

After the votes the chairman acknowledged one of the Democrats, the call was made, and a little while later they adjourned.

As far as I know, it may have actually been unlawful for the chairman to refuse to allow any of the Democrats to speak before the vote, but under the circumstances, I can’t condemn the Senate Republicans for their actions.

If the objective were anything other than to send these bills to be decided by the voters, I would be seriously angry, but as it happens, one party here just made it very clear where their loyalties lie, and it sure isn’t with the people who elected them.

The only reason I can imagine any legislator would ever oppose, sending any piece of legislation, to be decided by the voters, is because they don‘t have any respect for the will of the people. Of course this lack of respect, is probably derived from a lot of different things, but it’s my opinion, and my perception, that there two big motives at work in the Democratic party.

The greater of the two is power. I know full well that both parties are self serving and power hungry, but I’ve noticed that Democrats, more so than Republicans, don’t only want to take power away from the opposing party, they seem to be particularly motivated to secure their power, by taking it from those have it to give in first place.

The other motive I’ve seen at work, is the idea that the average American citizen, is just too darn stupid, to know what they want, or what may or may not be good for them. Originally I assume this started out as a fear tactic of some kind, which is what it really is today. Basically the left figured out it would work in their favor, if they could convince voters that they are actually in some kind of danger, if they trust themselves and their fellow citizens. I know this at least didn’t use to be true, and probably mostly still isn’t, but I am starting to wonder just a bit.

Some of the reactions I’ve seen, coming from Democrat supporters after this little fiasco, has me seriously questioning, the actual mental capacities, of some of the more out spoken individuals, of a certain constituency.

I’m not going come right out say these people are stupid, because that very well may not be the case, they could just be scared, but I’m sure it’s likely one or the other. Either these people don’t know, or aren’t intelligent enough to recognize the significance of what actually happened, as it pertains to them and their power as a voter. Or they do know, and they don’t have enough confidence in themselves, and, or in their fellow citizens, to actually want to exercise this power.

So there you have it folks. Whether the conduct of the Senate Republicans, was lawful or not, I’m siding with the folks that sided with me on this one.

Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

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